Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions

As part of your booking agreement, you must agree to the terms and conditions outlined below. Please read the following Terms & Conditions carefully.

Payment can be made by:

Credit/Debit Card (Mastercard, Visa, Diners Club 3.5% surcharge, American Express 3.5% surcharge)

Cash or Bank Transfer (please e-mail us if you would like to pay by cash or direct transfer)

All transactions are processed in Australian Dollars (AUD)

To confirm your stay we will need the following payments and additional items:

Payment (at the time of booking we will process either an agreed deposit or the full accommodation amount, please see our payment terms on the website booking form for details)

Contact details of guest making the booking (full name, email address, residential address, phone number)

Acceptance of our Terms & Conditions


Cancellation within 180 days of arrival date: 25% forfeit of the total booking price.
Cancellation within 60 days of arrival date: 50% forfeit of the total booking price.
Cancellation within 30 days of arrival date: 75% forfeit of the total booking price.
Cancellation within 14 days of arrival date: 100% forfeit of the total booking price.
With only 4 rooms, cancellations have a significant impact and it is difficult to replace bookings at short notice. We therefore recommend that you obtain travel insurance.

We reserve the right to cancel your rental booking at any time.  If the guest is responsible for this cancellation - including, but not limited to, matters where we feel a guest has given false information or may damage the property during their stay- no refund will be given.  If we are responsible for cancelling your booking, due to unforeseen circumstances including but not limited to maintenance issues and damage to the property or its facilities that make it unable to accommodate guests, we will refund your accommodation fee, offer you alternative accommodation or reschedule your booking for alternative comparable dates.  There may be an administration charge, determined on the time required to process the refund and any bank charges incurred, applied to the refund.  In the case of damage to the property during your stay, which results in the property being uninhabitable for the remainder of your occupancy, we will refund the balance for the nights that were not used.  This rule only applies if the damage to the property was not a result of any action that you or associated person/s has taken to damage the property.

No refunds will be given if you fail to stay on the dates you have booked (e.g. no shows).  No refunds will be given for rental bookings made on our website where the party has not completed all required fields on the booking form or has supplied false information.

Changes to dates (for all bookings, including gift certificates)
Once your rental booking has been confirmed by us, we will consider amendments received from you within 24 hours of the initial submission, subject to availability.  We will endeavour to accommodate any changes outside of this time but cannot guarantee this and therefore our cancellation policy applies. Changes cannot be made at the commencement of your stay and the full cost your occupancy is required before or upon arrival.  We reserve the right to refuse your occupancy if the payment is not made in full and if identification requirements are not met.

If any portion of the rental period is cancelled after arrival, we are not able to refund any monies.  Appropriate insurances should be obtained to protect you against any unforeseen changes or issues.

Arrival/Departure Times
Standard arrival time at all properties is 3:00-10:00 PM. Standard departure time is 11:00 AM.  Arrival and Departure times are subject to variations and we reserve the right to vary them at any time.  You will be notified of specific arrival and departure times in your confirmation documents.  Staying past the required departure time, and arriving prior to the required arrival time, without prior approval will be charged a minimum of one-half (1/2) the daily rental rate.

Property Maintenance
All property maintenance and cleaning is either conducted by us and/or approved licensed contractors. Naturally, all property issues and maintenance matters cannot be foreseen or predicted.  Therefore, you are to inform us immediately if something has been discovered that needs urgent attention. If a maintenance issue has occurred, we have a contract maintenance company that will attend the property as efficiently as possible. We endeavour to remedy any maintenance or cleaning issue promptly during your stay, thus why have contracted a maintenance company, well equipped to deal with just about any issue that arises.  Refunds and discounts will not be given if you fail to contact us about a matter at the time of awareness.  If the issue cannot be resolved during your stay an appropriate discount may be applied to your stay.

Issues during your occupancy & early departure
We have a high standard of maintenance and employ a range of dedicated maintenance personnel that are available to remedy any unforeseen issues you may have during your stay.  You must contact us immediately if there is a problem with the property that requires attention so that we can ensure the issue is resolved.  We will always try to resolve any issue you have, however some things are beyond our control and a refund may be applicable if an unforeseen circumstance has rendered the property uninhabitable.  If you deem the property uninhabitable or are not happy with the way the issue has been attended to and decide to vacate the property before the end of your stay, you must notify us in writing (via email), prior to your departure, of your intention to vacate.  An investigation must then be undertaken by Otelta Pty Ltd to ensure all matters have been attended to by us and our contractors appropriately.  Refunds will only be given if on completion of this investigation the property has been deemed uninhabitable or unsafe.

From time to time items may break or get damaged through normal wear and tear.  We will endeavour to repair or replace these items as soon as possible during your occupancy, however we cannot guarantee the issue will be rectified during your time there as this may be reliant on outside factors, e.g. available trade’s people.  You may be provided with some small compensation at our discretion. You are however to notify us immediately thus allowing the opportunity to rectify all matters.

The rental price provided to you is for 1 to 2 people (unless stated otherwise).  Each additional person incurs an additional charge.  The additional charge can be given on request.  We also require photo ID and current address details of at least one individual that is staying at the property.  If you arrive with more individuals than notified, no one will then be permitted to enter the property, and no refunds will be issued.

 Breakages & Relocation of furnitureAll breakages, damages, lost or missing items must be paid for, plus time & effort involved to cover replacement or repair costs. If you move any furniture during your stay, you must return it to its original position (the position it was in when you arrived) prior to your departure.  If any furniture is damaged as a result of you moving it from its original position in the house you will be charged for repair/replacement.  If our cleaning staff has to move furniture back to its original position after your stay there will be a $100 charge.

All properties are non-smoking.  Where applicable, ash trays are provided outside.
Smoking inside will attract a $150 cleaning & deodorising fee – non-negotiable.

Candles are not to be used at the property at any time.  This is due to fire risk and we consider dripping of wax from candles onto any surface as destruction of property.  Additional fees will apply for candle wax dripped onto any surface.  This fee is a minimum of $100 for basic cleaning and removal of wax, however, the fee could be significantly greater if furnishings (including carpet) need to be replaced due to wax damage.

Parking & vehicle facilities
Off street parking is available for one vehicle per suite. You are required to confirm whether you require parking or not prior to your rental booking.  We are not responsible for any damage or theft of vehicles parked on or near our property.  Parking is at your own risk.

Goods kept at property
We are not liable under any circumstances for loss, theft or damage to your property/belongings, or personal injury.  We advise you purchase appropriate travel insurance to cover all unforeseen circumstances such as injury and/or loss/damage to your personal belongings.

Goods left at the property
If items are not claimed within 14 days they will be given to a local charity.  If you want items returned, you must organise a courier to collect the items at your own cost.

Electric Blankets
Electric blankets are provided for the comfort of our guests during the cold winter months.  You must ensure an electric blanket is not left on while the property is unattended or whilst sleeping.

Specials, Offers & Discounts:
From time to time we offer discounts and specials that are published either on our website or through our various other rental advertising mediums. All special offers/prices are subject to availability and are not available on all dates or for all suites.  Special offers/prices are not available on public holidays, public holiday weekends, peak periods and blackout dates, unless specified otherwise. Special offers/prices are not always available for last minute telephone bookings.  All offers are subject to our terms and conditions and the requirements as specified. If you wish, or do not wish to receive these offers please contact us via email. The price agreed upon at the time of making your accommodation booking will not be discounted or increased in the event a special offer/price or price increase is subsequently offered during your dates of stay.

Security Deposit
The credit card that you used to make your booking payment will only be debited in the event that there are outstanding charges, damages, or loss caused to the property during your occupancy.  You are liable for any outstanding charges and/or the repair or replacement value of damage of loss to the property regardless of the amount.  You are also liable for any time and effort involved in replacing any item that has been damaged or lost/stolen.  The registered individual or signatory is responsible for all other individual/s that he/she allows into the property and will be liable for damages caused by themselves or any other invited person/s, regardless of whether the registered individual is present or not at the time the damage occurs.  Please note that Otelta group of businesses are registered with Veda and thus a default listing will apply for non-payment.

Website Rental Bookings
Rental bookings will not be confirmed if the person/s making the booking has provided any false information on, or has omitted any part of, their form.  We will request any missing information in an attempt to confirm the rental booking, however if we do not receive this information within 24 hours of the attempted rental booking, the booking may be cancelled with a refund of the amount paid less any administration and processing fees.  Refunds may take up to 30 days to be processed. If you have any questions about the pricing, you must contact us via e-mail prior to making payment and confirming your rental booking on the website. Once payment is made, and your rental booking confirmed, no refunds will be given.

Price variation
Prices may vary. The price for your accommodation is correct at the time of your booking confirmation. Any variation in price that occurs after you have made your booking will not apply.

Acknowledgments & Complaints
All complaints are required to be lodged in writing via e-mail to: admin@sleepovers.com.au Complaints will not be discussed via telephone, txt message, in person or any other communication medium. Complaints received in writing will be investigated promptly and a response given in writing either via e-mail or mail.

False or defamatory complaints made by individuals to outside organisations (e.g. Trip Advisor) are considered very serious and will immediately be forwarded to our legals for further action.

Privacy Policy
The privacy of your personal information is always important to us. We are committed to respecting your right to privacy and protecting your personal information.  All information gathered shall only be used for the purpose of your rental confirmation (including payment, verification of identification, agreement to our terms and conditions and security deposit).  Your information will only be viewed by relevant staff of our organisation.  Our privacy policy applies to all of your dealings with us whether over the phone, website, e-mail or fax transmission.  Although we uphold the highest form of security protocol, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee 100% security in online dealings.

Discounted Offers and Vouchers
From time to time third party mediums may run discounted offers and vouchers. These discounted vouchers cannot be used on public holidays and peak periods. That is during December to April.

Queenstown Ski Package
This package includes overnight accommodation with breakfast and afternoon tea as well as use of all Lodge facilities. Ski/snowboard hire, lift passes and clothing rental are not included on arrival (check-in) and departure (check-out) days (e.g. a 3 night stay will include 2 days of skiing). Lift passes are valid for only one site per day (Remarkables or Coronet Peak ski areas). Clothing hire does not include goggles, socks or gloves, however these can be purchased for an additional cost. Remarkables Lodge management will organise transportation to the ski shuttle bus in Queenstown if this is included in your particular ski package. If guests are unable to ski due to closure of the Coronet Peak or Remarkables ski slopes we will endeavour to arrange alternate activities comparable to the value of the daily lift passes. Prices are for 2 adults, twin share and a two night minimum stay is enforced.

We reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time, and without notice.  We are privately owned, and the management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.